Anatoly Alexandrov

Анатолий Николаевич Александров

25 May 1888 - 16 April 1982

Alexandrov's mother, Anna Alexandrova-Levenson, studied with Tchaikovsky. Alexandrov himself studied piano at the Moscow Conservatory with Konstantin Igumnov, and composition with Nikolai Zhilyayev and Taneyev.

He became a noted composer, with many sonatas and compositions for piano. Pianists Victor Bunin and Vladimir Bunin recorded his works.

He taught at the Moscow Conservatory from 1923, and became a professor in 1926. His students include Mikhail Meyerovich, Roman Ledenyov, and Victor Bunin.

Prokofiev, Goldenweiser, Alexandrov and Sergei Evseyev in 1956

Alexandrov with Samuil Feinberg in 1954