Gleb Akselrod

Глеб Борисович Аксельрод

11 October 1923 - 2 October 2003 (also spelled Gleb Axelrod)

Akselrod studied with Grigory Ginzburg, graduating in 1948.

He shared first prize (with Marina Slesareva) at the 1951 Prague Spring Competition; placed fourth at the 1955 Long-Thibaud; and placed second at the 1957 Vianna da Motta Competition.

He began to teach in 1959 and became a professor in 1979.

For Melodiya he recorded Prokofiev's Sonata 3 and Hindemith's Sonata 2 (1966), Beethoven's Appassionata (1973), Beethoven 3 Sonatas (1974), Scarlatti Sonatas (1982), and works by Bartok, Shostakovich, Medtner, Bach and Liszt.