Robert Andriasian

Роберт Христофорович Андриасян

7 September 1913 - 20 August 1971 (also spelled Andriasyan)

Born in Tbilisi, Andriasian studied at the Tbilisi Conservatory with Lucian Truskovsky, graduating in 1929. He continued his studies at the Leningrad Conservatory with Leonid Nikolayev, graduating in 1935/6.

Like Kissin, Andriasian was a child prodigy, recognised by foreign visitors to Tbilisi, including Egon Petri, who invited the child to his class in Berlin. Andriasian's parents declined.

He worked at the Yerevan Conservatory from 1938, becoming the head of the piano department in 1944.

Andriasian also composed a piano concerto and many arrangements for the instrument.

There's a wonderful Russian website about him here:

Nikolayev's class in 1936. Andriasian is seated far left.

Andriasian and Yakov Flier

The Yerevan piano faculty in 1943. Andriasian is far right. Igumnov worked there during the war.