Yuri Airapetyan

Юрий Суренович Айрапетян

b. 22 October 1933 (also spelled Airapetian / Hayrapetyan)

Born in Yerevan, Airapetyan studied at the Yerevan School of Music and the Yerevan Conservatory with Robert Andriasian. He continued his studies at the Moscow Conservatory with Yakov Flier, graduating in 1956. He carried on postgraduate work with Flier through 1960.

Airapetyan placed second at the Fifth World Festival of Youth and Students in 1955; fourth at the Liszt Competition in 1956; and eighth at the Queen Elisabeth Competition in 1960.

He became a professor at the Yerevan Conservatory in 1978, and since 1994 has been a professor at the Moscow Conservatory.

Airapetyan with his teacher Robert Andriasian

Airapetyan in the top row, with Andriasian at the front